My Military Service

United States Air Force
November 1983 – June 1994

I started my military career attending Officer Training School at Lackland Annex, San Antonio, Texas.

I was excited but a little scared driving thru those gates the first time. My sister had already joined the USAF as a nurse  just a few months prior.  Deciding to serve my country in the United States Air Force was a life changing decision – and a good one! 

The time I spent in the USAF helped me define myself; learn to become a leader; learn to be a great team member; and learn to listen and learn. I met so many inspiring people and lived in  some great locations. I enjoyed the changes in location and jobs as it certainly kept life interesting.  I have formed lasting friendships with many of the people I served with.  As a communications officer, each job was different keeping me on my toes all the time.

Two of the memorable places I served were  Izmir, Turkey and Wiesbaden, Germany. I really liked both locations, learned some of each language, and certainly learned a lot about each culture. My sister and I were lucky enough to be in Germany at the same time, living a short distance from each other. We had fun traveling Europe together.

On my return to the US, I was happy to be stationed at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I was the chief of telecommunications maintenance for the entire base (30,000 customers), and lucky enough to work with a fantastic Chief Master Sergeant and some great senior NCOS.   I loved my team there and all the things I learned in this, and every job, I had.

While stationed at Kirtland, I met my husband.  Upon becoming engaged, I decided that my marriage needed to come before my career as I could be sent anywhere in the world without him.  At that time, we decided that I would refocus on a civilian career.  I am so proud of my service in the USAF. I grew up a lot, learned a lot, and reinforced the lessons from my parents about integrity, honesty and leadership.